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Symbols of Equality

March 27, 2013


Today my Facebook page was filled with this image where the faces of my friends and family usually are. It said to the world “I am watching. I care about Equality for all.” Specifically marriage equality. It said lesbians and gay are equal citizens and we are in this fight together. Interesting enough, some of the most political and queer folk I know where not “sporting the symbol”.


The symbol is a pink/red (ie romantic love not a bright commie red) version of the old blue box with a yellow equal sign that for years has been known to me “silence equals death” and has been taken up as the logo of the HRC, Human Rights Campaign.


At the moment, I’m also not changing my pic in solidarity with the folx who want to withold clout from HRC which has been a bullshit org since the beginning and so is GLAAD… but I’m delighted to see the number of people who are because they are making a simple yes or no vote on marriage equality… a virtual march of solidarity with the ideal of legal equality. The struggles of leadership and direction within the community are different issues… I think we have to tier our  requests to allies. But there are times when an action done in numbers is effective… a walkout, various blackouts, etc… and yes, is erasure of the individual. It says power in numbers and makes no distinction between the group members. That should not be confused with the systematic attempts at erasure of specific individuals or communities. I see it as more in line with going shoulder to shoulder in picket lines or allying with Democrats in election years. It doesn’t mean I won’t go nose to nose and toe to toe with them on the things we DON’T agree on. But without solidarity where is progress?

Below is an older blog on the hostility to transfolk (or in fact anyone who didn’t fit a very Mattachine Society model of queer activism) by lesbian and gay organizations like HRC. (I myself was part of an ad hoc caucus who walked out on the second March on Washington planning meeting because of the racism too freely expressed by gay “community leaders”. But what came out of the caucus in the hallway was amazing ideas including Creating Change Conference, etc. We rolled up our sleeves, clarified our demands and went back in to fight.)


I’m looking for alternative symbols but my inclination is simply to take the equals and run away with it. Who remembers that Aspirin was a brand name? Let the group “leaders” chase to catch up with the rest of the movement. Let them be the old fogies who say “we started that! That was my idea.” So? Who cares? Be relevant or be crushed under the heels of progress. Justice will come. March with us or be marched over by us.

I like symbols. I want a banner. I want a placard to carry, not another reason to keep quiet.


below is the logo of Marriage Equality


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